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Who are we?

We are design professionals who want to make homes smarter, safer and more comfortable for everyone, no matter our size, ability or age. We want our hard earned money to go farther, to use less resources, and to build to last. We are forward thinking but value time honoured practices. But mostly, we want to give you the tools to create a safe and comfortable home for you, your family and your friends.

Julie Adamson is the founder and she created Your Fit Home because she sees a disconnect between how things look and how they function. It is so easy to find beautiful rooms and homes on the internet, but how do you translate those ideas for your own home? More importantly, do they work for your unique set of requirements?

Julie has written a series of quick-to-read ebooks to help the homeowner with the practical part of home design, or how it functions. She leaves the style part up to you.

What is a Fit Home?

A Fit Home is one that functions well for everyone, looks great, is healthful and is comfortable to live in. Attention to detail and thoughtful  consideration of the components that make up your home is important. Which are the right ones for you? How do you choose? The choices that come with building or renovating are many and can be overwhelming. Your Fit Home series of ebooks breaks down the decision making process into manageable parts a book dedicated to each area of the home and yard so you can make informed and lasting decisions. 

Your Fit Home ebooks will lead you through a process of home assessment so you can have a safe, easytomaintain,visitor-friendly and beautiful home that works for your family one that carries you through all of life's ages and phases. Let's get started on a path to a healthful and stress free home.

Julie Adamson

 email:   info@YourFitHome.ca            phone:    902-430-6292

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